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About Our Company

Goals and Objectives

J.C.L Concept and Resources is one of the best Portacabin Manufacturers in Nigeria. We are experts in Fabrication, Installations and Conversions of Portacabins, Vacation Homes, Container Offices and much more. We believe that construction is about building structures and relationships that last. This is why we have remained as one of the best Porta Cabin Builders in Nigeria. We would always be there for you with comprehensive warranty support, well after the project is complete.

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J.C.L Concept and Resources are experts in construction of Portacabin in Lagos, Abuja, Port-Harcourt, Kaduna, Anambra and other major cities in Nigeria.


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We are Good at J.C.L Concept
You can depend on us

We can guide you early in the project development so you can plan for actual site conditions, develop an accurate budget and forecast for an appropriate scope of work.

Our Cabins are installed with Panels made of non-corrosive light steel sheets/ Fibreglass and are insulated (EPS/Polyurethane) from sound and Heat.

Product Durability 100%
Affordability 90%
Prompt Service Delivery 95%
Customer Service 98%

Cabins professionaly built for all Terrains

Our Cabins are professionaly built and can be easily deployed in any terrain of choice.

Timely Errection of Cabins of all Sizes

Our cabins are manufactured in various sizes and can be easily erected within hours.

Easy Configuration of Modular Buildings

Our modular building can be configured into Classrooms, Rural Health Clinics and others.

Creating Enduring Relationships

The durability of our contructions enable us to maintain long-lasting relationship with our Clients.

About J.C.L Concept and Resources

We construct Vacation Homes, Container Homes
Fab Homes, Manufactured Homes, Container Offices and more.

Who We are

We are a Nigerian Dry Construction Company with head office in Lagos. We provide functional solutions to building challenges faced by local communities.

Our Vision

Tackle Africa's Increasing Housing Demands by Designing and Delivering Homes and Offices With a Price and Amenities Within the Reach of all.

Our Mission

To Make High Quality Housing Affordable for Every Family with Commitment to Industry Standards, Safety and Community Development.

About Our Advantage

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About Our Goals

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About Our Story

Since 2004, J.C.L Concept and Resources has been known to be experts

in Aluminum partitions, Wood partitions, Dry wall partitioning and insulation, Aluminum windows and much more...

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Our Professional Services are unparallel

Services tailored for
the Success of Your Projects


Our Portacabins are the perfect solution to meet an instant space requirement whatever accommodation need you have.

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Dry Construction

Dry construction has become synonymous with quick, safe and quality construction of interior and exterior elements.

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Steel Structures

Our Steel Structures provide all of the functionality of our Cabin combined with a high security steel exterior.

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Choosing the right siding or cladding that can give your business a professional appearance is paramount.

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We offer a wide range of different marquees to suit any event of all sizes and budgets in any location within Nigeria.

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Our interior finishing are used in all types of buildings and are equally suited in both new build and refurbishment projects.

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Why many Clients prefer us to deliver their jobs:

We give our Clients more than what
they ask for without an extra charge

Our Projects are second to none!

We are here

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Porta Cabin Builders in Nigeria and much more...

Our goal is to create Portacabin in Lagos, Abuja, Port-Harcourt, Kaduna, Anambra and other major cities in Nigeria. We ensure we meet the requirements of modern, world-class clients while adding ernomous value and at an affordable price.

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J.C.L Concept and Resources is a leading Portacabin Manufacturer in Nigeria with head office in Lagos.

Whatsapp: + 234 (0) 817 1104 805-6

Contact Us

232, Borno way Ebutte-Metta,
Lagos, Nigeria.
Phone: + 234 (0) 817 1104 805-6
Email: jclconcepts664@gmail.com

About Us

J.C.L Concept and Resources is one of the best Porta Cabin Builders in Nigeria.

We are experts in Fabrication, Installations, Conversions and Maintenance of Portacabins, Mobile Steel Structures, Aluminum Structures and Buildings.

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